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CEO & President

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Chief Program Officer

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Stephanie is an enrolled elder of the Squaxin Island Tribe and identifies as a person in long-term recovery who is passionate about helping others achieve their goals. She has over sixteen years’ experience in addiction treatment and twelve years in peer services. Her work experience includes Director for Northwest Indian Treatment Center and Thunderbird Residential Center. She has been involved in projects to offer recovery support and peer services to clients and tribes and is a Recovery Coach and Ethics in Coaching trainer. She has worked with most of the tribes in Washington State in some capacity through referrals, recovery coaching and as a co-founder of the Washington Recovery Alliance, where she served as a board member and a full-term as board president.

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Program Manager

Hana Klimek was born and raised in Olympia, WA. She identifies as a person with lived experience, and she is grateful for finding hope and recovery through peer services. She loves the arts and the inspiring people she has in her life today. Hana began her career as a certified peer counselor in 2018 before making her way into supportive housing in 2020. She is skilled in many social services that include connecting to resources, developing supportive relationships, self-advocacy, stable housing, and employment. Hana believes strongly in the spirit of peer services, and she is thrilled to join the team. She will bring her passion for her work, commitment to her community, and dedication to members to her role as Program Manager of Housing and Employment Services with Peer Olympia.

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Program Manager

Growing up in Montesano, WA, Bri has lived in multiple cities/towns in Washington, Sacramento, and Costa Rica but settled in Olympia. There, she has raised three kids, two dogs, four cats, 16 chickens, three ducks, and one lizard with her husband, Jay. Bri loves gardening, food preservation (canning, fermenting, etc), camping, mushroom and plant foraging, reading, and watching British murder mystery shows. 

Bri attended the University of Washington and studied Psychology to understand her struggles with bipolar disorder, anxiety, and PTSD. She started peer coaching with Peer Olympia and realized peer work allowed her to draw on her education but, more importantly, utilize her lived experiences to help others. Bri now serves on the Pregnant and Parenting Work Group for the Thurston County Opioid Response Task Force and facilitates support groups at Peer Olympia, including Parents in Recovery. 

Bri started binge drinking at 14 to cope with PTSD and anxiety. At 21, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and started using opiates and cocaine. Eventually becoming unhoused, Bri became pregnant with her first child and moved back to Olympia. She was able to quit abusing drugs and alcohol during her pregnancy, but her mental health challenges carried on for many years. She eventually found peace through meditative and mindfulness practices, DBT, therapy, and support from her family and friends. While she still struggles with her PTSD, Bri has never experienced joy and contentment the way she does now.

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Peer Services Specialist

Devin was born in 1978 to a single mother in Huron, SD. Just before her 2nd birthday, her mom married her stepdad. He had a substance use disorder, and her mom struggled with mental health. Devin also had trouble with her mental health, using alcohol and marijuana when she was 16. When she was in her early 30’s, she began using opioids regularly. On October 8, 2015, Devin started Medication Assisted Treatment at Evergreen Treatment Services. In March of 2021, she completed that program and is happy to be in recovery!


Devin joined Peer Olympia as a front desk volunteer in November 2021 and has taken several trainings, including de-escalation, CPR, Recovery Coach Academy, and Naloxone training. She is currently a Peer Coach, and as of August 2022, she is the Front Desk/Volunteer Coordinator at Peer Olympia.

Ever since moving to Olympia in 2001, she has fallen in love with the surrounding mountains and ocean. When she’s not exploring, you can usually find her reading or going on walks with her husband of 11 years.

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Peer Services Specialist

Born and raised in England, Dan moved to Washington state in 2005, after which he spent most of his time in Olympia. As an Evergreen graduate studying nonprofit administration, he has since worked and volunteered with several local nonprofit, public, and private sector offices in the Olympia area. In his journeys through mental health recovery and housing instability, Dan has experienced firsthand the power of peer-led support and services and is thrilled to work with such a program. 

Dan is a proud queer man and an active member/producer of the Olympia queer performance scene. He shares his life with an amazing girlfriend and their 17-year-old cat. 

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Peer Services Specialist

Bill is a lifelong resident of Tacoma and the youngest member of a large family. While still a young man, Bill began drinking and was working in bars long before he was 21. Bill’s addiction was so strong, he eventually was unable to function without alcohol, even while at work. In 2001, Bill faced his alcoholism and sought help to get sober. Freed from active addiction, Bill’s new life developed rapidly as he began recovery work with others, primarily but not exclusively in the LGBTQ+ community.

Peer Olympia represents a new path for Bill. First as a volunteer and now as a full-time
employee. His welcoming hand, ability to listen, and a ready-laugh make Bill a great addition to Peer Olympia’s team.

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Peer Services Specialist

Bilal "B" is a Black, Native American, and West Indian who identifies as an Islander. After moving to Lacey, Wa, B and his brothers were exposed to racism and prejudice that was not present in the city they had just left. While their mother worked multiple jobs to support three boys, there was very little supervision, and soon B's older brother was into the gangs in the area, and B followed in his footsteps. At the age of 12, B was first placed into handcuffs by the LPD and given a charge for possessing a Swiss army knife while using it to defend himself from 2 older boys in higher grades attacking him. The system did not see it that way.

From then on, it would become a pattern of in and out of juvie. By 17, B was sentenced to a lengthy sentence, spending nearly all his 20s in prison. During that time, B became enamored with studying the psychology of humans and behavioral therapy. He completed every course, class, group, and training available, accumulating nearly 15 certificates. 

Today, B is a Certified Peer Counselor, Recovery Coach, training in SUD Family Navigator, and a Certified NLP life coach. B continues to thrive and gain as much knowledge that will help him support those he serves. "Pursue it if you want it!"

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Peer Services Specialist

Kimberly was born in Colorado and then moved to the Bay Area. Her family relocated to Olympia when she was in high school. Kimberly began accessing local resources early and eventually started working as a shelter staff and then as a peer counselor. First-hand experience has equipped Kimberly with knowledge of how to support folks through systematic barriers and empower all those around her. She feels passionately about removing injustices and continuing to pour back into her community. 


She currently lives with her kid, dog, and cat. She aims to start her own nonprofit and own a farm with chickens, cows, and pigs.

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Peer Services Specialist

Cloe was born and raised in Venice, California. She has lived in Olympia for five years. Even though she misses the sun, she is excited to utilize her lived experience through Peer Services. Cloe has been in recovery from her alcoholism for six years.

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Peer Services Specialist

Steph was born overseas in Germany, where his father was enrolled in the armed forces, eventually settling down in the Thurston County area. At that time, he was exposed to some racism and prejudice that contributed to making bad life choices, which led to incarceration and addiction to drugs and alcohol.

This prior addiction and incarceration history has helped in approaching hard-to-reach individuals from a unique perspective. This perspective, along with some compassion, understanding, and support, has offered hope and motivation to people just beginning their recovery journey.

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Peer Services Specialist


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