Need support during COVID-19?

What is Washington Listens?

Washington Listens is a support program to support everyone in Washington affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. All services are anonymous and free.

What can Washington Listens do for me?

Washington Listens’ services are designed to help people deal with their stress from the outbreak and build recovery. This includes providing someone to talk to, groups to help work through the stress together, resources to self-manage, and connection to resources.

Who should use Washington Listens?

Anyone, the service is free and anonymous for anyone in Washington. Services are available for children and youth to older adults. No insurance, no fees, just support.

How do I access Washington Listens?

You can contact Washington Listens through our support line available Monday through Friday 9 am to 9 pm and Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 6 pm at: 1-833-681-0211

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